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Termite attacks can cause significant amount of damage to the home. Their penchant for wood and anything with cellulose in it can cause the early destruction of the foundation, beams, walls, pillars and furniture within the dwelling. The only route homeowners have to take to prevent termite infestation on their precious belongings is to employ a termite treatment.

Pest control agencies like Alabama Pest Control employ a few types of termite treatment methods. One of the strategies they use is the bait treatment. So, how does this termite bait treatment works?

Baiting of termite is a unique approach. It is actually more of a termite monitoring system. What the pest control companies do is to install monitoring stations in areas where termites are likely to be. The monitoring station acts as the bait. It is often an untreated wood that is strategically placed near an infested area. Pest control companies are careful to scatter them around the house. The monitoring stations or baits are placed on soil close to the home, on tree stumps, on areas near the downspouts and AC drip lines, on areas covered by shade and on damp sections of the house.

Basically, the termite bait system capitalizes on the behavior of termites. You see, termites are social insects. Just like ants, they come in contact with each other as they look for food. They groom each other. They have this so-called Trophallaxis behavior, wherein they directly transfer food or fluids to one another. Termites practice proctodeal feeding or the anus-to-mouth transfer of food. This is very important for their diet and as a means of colony communication.

Whenever the monitoring system gets a hit or infestation of termites, the untreated wood is replaced with poisoned bait. Hinging on the social behavior of the termites, once they forage on the wood and walk back to their nest, the poison is being passed through from one another as they go along.  Pest control companies are careful to utilize chemicals that will immediately kill the termites. Generally, slow-acting poisons are used so as not to scare them off from the bait. With the continuous foraging of termites and return to their colony, the queen may eventually become infected and the entire colony is eradicated.

The termite bait system, however, takes time to take effect. It depends on how long the termites can spot the bait. It can go anywhere from 6 months to a year. Constant monitoring will have to be done. Frequent checks are made during warm season where termites are active. Contact your Mosquito Control Birmingham now for more info

The main advantage of the termite bait system is that it has the capacity to destroy an entire colony. This method also uses lesser chemicals so it is considered to be safer. Ongoing maintenance, nonetheless, is required to prevent a new colony from moving in.