Individuals who purchased Austin homeowners insurance or renters insurance Austin should know that their policy doesn’t cover flood damage. Many people are not aware of this at all. Perhaps, they may have just completely forgotten about this specific detail on their policy coverage. Some think that just because they got their home or apartment insured they are already protected from all types of peril.

Well, it should be known that your Austin homeowners insurance and Austin Car insurance only cover perils such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, burglary, riot, explosion and vandalism. Flood is typically excluded from both. Now that you aware that your house is not flood-insured, maybe you should consider getting one.

It is important to buy flood insurance policy on top of your Austin Insurance and renters insurance Austin. Having one is just part of your smart preparation for the future of your residence. Naturally if you reside in the high-risk area, your insurer will recommend that you get it immediately.

For the rest, though, they don’t purchase this policy as they consider it as an additional expense. Some don’t feel obliged to get it because they believe it is meant more for people who reside in places where there are regular occurrences of overflowing from a nearby lake or river. With no bodies of water close to their home, they see no need to purchase this policy anymore.

The above reasons for not buying flood insurance are completely foolish.  It is for this folly why lots of Austin residents ended up unprepared for this type of natural disaster. They must learn that flooding couldn’t only happen due to overflowing of riverbanks or lakes. Even if you live far from any bodies of water, you can become a victim of flooding simply by experiencing heavy rainfall in a short period of time.  Some storms can also bring in heavy downpour that leads to massive flooding. And, there’s always a possibility of having a water main breaking in your area to cause serious flooding towards your property.

Purchasing flood insurance policy is clearly important. However, most insurers don’t carry this type of policy as it is unprofitable for them. You need to obtain it from a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Established in 1968, this government flood program provides homeowners and renters the option to protect themselves from costs brought about by flood damage to their homes and rented units, respectively.